17 Aug 2021

Cambridge Mechatronics to speak at Smart Haptics 2021

CML is pleased to announce that Dr Marc Scholz, product manager responsible for our haptics developments, has been accepted to speak at Smart Haptics 2021, a leading haptics industry conference.

Smart Haptics 2021

Marc will be explaining some of the unique characteristics of SMA material, why it is ideal for use in haptics, and also exploring some of the exciting new applications for haptics based on CML’s technology.

Conventional haptics products like Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) and Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) actuators compromise the natural sensation of a button click at the fingertip consumers are accustomed to. CML’s haptic actuator technology, which is available to license, provides a high definition, tunable haptic feedback in a small form factor.

CML will be holding meetings throughout the conference. Please get in contact if you are also attending and would like to schedule a discussion.