ultra-slim SMA OIS actuator

SMA Lens Shift OIS

Introducing SMA Lens Shift OIS

Our pioneering OIS solution, CML’s SMA Lens Shift OIS actuator entered high-volume mass production in 2019. To date, over 50 million actuator units have been shipped into numerous handsets for more than 7 brands, with many of the cameras receiving top scores in independent testing by DxOMark. The technology is licensed to multiple experienced actuator suppliers and is associated with a growing network of camera module integrators.

Traditional AF and OIS actuators for smartphone cameras use electromagnetic voice coil motor (VCM) technology. In this embodiment, permanent magnets sit opposite copper coils where electrically induced magnetism provides the force for motion. The magnets and coils are large, the force generated is low, and for precise control additional position (Hall) sensors are required.

CML’s Lens Shift OIS technology uses shape memory alloy (SMA) wire as thin as human hair, and a minimum number of components resulting in a product with compact form factor. More information on CML’s SMA technology can be found here. 

The SMA Lens Shift OIS design is readily scalable. Products for 1/2.0”, 1/1.56” and 1/1.3” image sensor formats are in mass production and ready for immediate design-in. A 1” image sensor compatible design is currently in development.

SMA Wire Technology

The actuator has a static and a moving portion, to which the lens is affixed. The wires are held in place between these components using crimps – these are shown below in the corners of the actuator. Due to crystallographic phase transitions in the material at the operating temperatures, SMA wires can generate a high force for high load use cases. As with all SMA products from CML, SMA Lens Shift OIS is free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and can be placed near other EMI emitting system components, thus providing greater design flexibility.

Benefits of SMA Lens Shift OIS

Mature product

  • Proven performance and reliability with over 50 million units shipped to date
  • Multiple ready-to-go supply chains


  • Versatile XY footprint
  • Compatible with low camera Z height supporting slim devices and folding phones

High actuation force

  • Support for large format image sensors, including high mass hybrid glass lenses
  • Support for lens-mounted variable aperture (VA)

No Hall sensors, coils or magnets

  • Enables compact camera clusters, placement near EMI sensitive components or permanent magnets

Find Out More

CML provides the full actuator and control solution including CML Controller ICs and firmware to ensure that all elements of the solution work together to deliver optimized OIS performance. Furthermore, CML provides full solution support to its customers, licensees, and camera integrators through design-in and mass production.  

The SMA Lens Shift OIS design has also been adopted in our Sensor Shift OIS product, with 8-wire SMA variants offering AF+OIS and Module Tilt OIS.

CML and its use of SMA technology provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers that are miniature and flexible in design. CML’s licensees and partnered camera integrators have multiple designs available for immediate design-in. If you would like to learn more or request a demo or evaluation sample, please get in touch.

CML Technology and Patents

Patented SMA Platform Technology

With its multidisciplinary engineering skillset, and design and simulation tools, CML’s team has mastered the control of SMA for precision applications.

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