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What is SMA technology?

CML uses shape memory alloy (SMA) in the form of a wire to move, control and precisely position objects. SMA has a unique characteristic. When the material is deformed it returns to its original shape when heated – a shape memory effect. When used in conjunction with proprietary electronic circuits and software, it functions as a miniature motor (actuator). 

SMA was developed in 1962 by the United States Naval Ordnance Laboratory. During one meeting the team passed around a sample folded up like an accordion, and to everyone’s surprise, it jumped to its previous shape when heated up. Since then SMA has been used for a wide variety of applications including medical, aviation, automotive and robotic systems. CML has developed technology to precisely control SMA so that it is applicable to mass market consumer electronic goods.

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SMA-based platform technology

With its multidisciplinary engineering skillset, and design and simulation tools, CML’s team has mastered the control of SMA for precision applications. With an extensive portfolio of unique designs, silicon and control algorithms, CML SMA technology has been developed to control and position objects with the highest level of precision. This makes it particularly suited to device components requiring high levels of precision and force in a miniature form factor, such as cameras, haptics, 3D sensing and new applications like augmented reality.

CML's products are highly suited for automated production processes, providing a high yield and high-volume output. Significant barriers to entry are in place, with an extensive portfolio of patents protecting CML’s position within the actuator and control ecosystem.

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Small, lightweight, precise and powerful

CML's SMA actuators are particularly suited to technology applications that require high levels of precision and force, in a compact and lightweight design.

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