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CM824 Driver IC

CML's next generation driver IC

Introducing our next generation driver IC, CM824, exclusive to Cambridge Mechatronics. Samples are now available to customers, offering a more capable and comprehensive solution to control its actuators compared to other alternatives.

CM824 has been developed to support the core needs of smartphone and consumer electronics customers, who demand highest performing actuator solutions at a competitive cost with short time to market and from a dependable supply chain. CM824 is particularly well suited to the SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuator and flagship Module Tilt OIS actuator.

Highest Performance

CM824 has been developed as an integral part of the SMA actuator system and incorporates CML dedicated knowledge, smart design and new hardware IP to support the latest actuator and control firmware features.

Consequently, CM824 delivers the processing capacity and most accurate position control, to push the boundaries of your actuation system capabilities. For autofocus (AF) and optical image stabilisation (OIS) applications, this includes faster focusing speeds and increased image quality under shake conditions. CM824 and its firmware also supports CML’s next generation of low power actuators.

Flexible IC Standby Power states are also included to ensure that the CM824 contributes to minimising overall system power consumption whilst maintaining actuator readiness. In addition to 1.8V, CM824 already supports a lower 1.2V digital IO so is future proofed for use with lower power consumption platforms offered by future generations of smartphone application processors.

Competitive and Quick to the Market

  • The IC itself is cost competitive due to its low silicon footprint per performance ratio and the use of industry proven, high quality Chinese fabrication and packaging partners.
  • Being an 8 Channel driver IC, it can also control a number of SMA actuators (or functions) providing, AF and OIS or Dual OIS from a single IC at a reduced silicon BOM cost.
  • CM824 also contributes to a lower camera system cost by supporting the latest and future tools and firmware features to automate tuning and increase throughput of SMA Actuator camera integration at CCMs.
  • CML’s control firmware has been developed and tested specifically to maximise how the hardware benefits of CM824 contribute to unrivalled actuator performance.
  • Standard firmware for CM824 is available and ready to go for all supported CML SMA actuators. No time-consuming porting or adapting of firmware is needed for CM824, ensuring you achieve the shortest time to market.

Dependable Supply Chain and Support

CML’s IC supply chain partners have been chosen based on a proven track record of product quality and an ability to maintain security of supply to all our global customers.

Being the world leaders in SMA actuator systems, CML also provides a single, consistent, and responsible point of contact for supporting and guiding all elements of the actuator system from design-in all the way through to mass production and in-life support.

CM824 is available for sampling. Please complete the web form to request a full datasheet and samples.

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