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CM824 - Applications


The Cambridge Mechatronics CM824 device is a high performance, low cost, and low power controller chip for driving SMA actuators for use in smartphone cameras and other high precision actuator applications.

When used in smartphone cameras, CM824 can be configured for single or multiple SMA actuators in auto-focus (AF) and optical image stabilisation (OIS) applications having up to 8 SMA actuation wires. CM824 has been designed using a rich patent portfolio of IC and firmware features resulting in ultimate SMA actuator system performance, resulting in faster focussing and better image quality under camera shake conditions.


The CM824 chip controls  a wide range of SMA actuator configurations for closed loop OIS and AF including CML’s 8W (All-in-one OIS and AF) , Module  Tilt and other alternative single and dual actuator configurations:

  1. 8W (All-in-one AF and OIS): A compact, high performing single actuator offering AF and OIS in a cost effective package
  2. SMA Module Tilt Actuator: A compact, actuator using 8 SMA wires to tilt the complete camera module and provide high suppression OIS capability for stills and action video with no image distortion
  3. Dual SMA AF and Lens Shift OIS actuators: A compact actuator pairing controlling movement of the lens for AF and OIS
  4. Dual SMA AF and Sensor Shift OIS actuators: A compact actuator pairing controlling movement of the lens for AF and 3 axis movement of the image sensor for OIS including roll
  5. Dual SMA Lens shift OIS and Sensor Shift OIS: A compact OIS actuator pairing offering ‘Dual OIS’ to offer maximum suppression using 'shift’ technology


The handset processor communicates with CM824 over an industry standard I2C bus whilst the internal CPU operates servo loops and algorithms for the AF position and OIS motion processing functions. CM824 can also be used in Split Architecture arrangements where the OIS motion processing function resides on another device. CM824 also includes onboard EEPROM storage for image sensor calibration data.

Altium Library
CML have an Altium Library for CML ICs. Using this library helps reduce design time and the added consistency helps CML check PCB designs. DOWNLOAD THE ALTIUM LIBRARY here

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