Why SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS?

Providing both Autofocus (AF) + Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), the new SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuator from Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd (CML) is designed to bring premium camera performance to mid to mid-high range handsets, utilising CML's world class Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology, and direct from proven and experienced supply chains in China and Japan. SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS has been designed as an integrated closed-loop camera that is more efficient in terms of its size, component count, material use and production cost, compared to traditional Voice Coil Motor (VCM). The SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS product is free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and can be placed in close proximity to other EMI emitting products such as antennae, loudspeakers or camera modules thus providing greater design flexibility. 

By placing SMA wires in a three-dimensional configuration around the lens, the single actuator can perform both OIS and AF functions simultaneously. Through electronically controlling the heating and cooling of the SMA Material using CML's own CM824 controller IC, the mechanism rapidly adjusts wire length, creating fast and precise actuation. CML’s patented SMA actuator technology is proven to be reliable and has shipped in >60 million units to date, routinely achieving top camera quality scores from independent testing such as DXOmark. The first smartphone incorporating CML’s new SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS was released in high-volume mass production in Q3 2022 and received highly rated expert reviews. So far, more than 15 million SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuators have been shipped globally. 

Benefits of SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS

In comparison to traditional VCM designs, which require separate OIS and AF actuators, CML’s SMA technology uses only one actuator. Further benefits of the SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS over traditional VCM include:  

Simple design & low production costs 

  • 37% fewer components and assembly steps 
  • Potential to remove costly active alignment in production through lens tilt motion
  • Easy integration with Variable Aperture (VA)  


  • Small XYZ footprint (13% smaller size than a VCM) 
  • Low camera Z height supports slim devices including folding phones 

High actuation force

  • Support for large format image sensors, including large-diameter hybrid glass lenses  
  • Support for lens-mounted VA 

No Hall sensors, coils or magnets

  • Can be placed in a compact camera cluster, near EMI sensitive components or next to permanent magnets used as a latching mechanism in folding phones 
  • No Hall sensors & Hall sensor calibration requirements 

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Additionally, CML provides dedicated support to its customers, licensees and supply chain partners for the full system integration, including CML’s optimised CM824 controller IC and firmware, delivering maximum camera performance. 
SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS is ready to support the next generation of smartphone cameras, addressing previous challenges of size, space, and cost. CML and its use of SMA technology provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers that are miniature and flexible in design. Our patented SMA actuator technology is proven to be reliable, routinely achieving top camera quality scores from independent testing. The 1/1.56”1/1.43” and 1/1.3” image sensor format compatible actuators and camera modules are available for immediate design-in adoption from CML’s licensees and partnered camera makers.

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Actuator held by Tweezers

Small, lightweight, precise and powerful

CML's SMA actuators are particularly suited to technology applications that require high levels of precision and force, in a compact and lightweight design.

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