Product Video: SMA Module Tilt OIS

As consumers demand cinematic video quality from their smartphones, optical image stabilisation (OIS) has become essential to prevent picture blur in various shooting scenarios like walking, running, and cycling. While Lens Shift and Sensor Shift OIS compensate for motion within the sensor plane, SMA Module Tilt OIS takes image stabilisation to the next level, acting as a gimbal to correct rotational blur, offering superior image quality across the entire sensor.

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Product Video: SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS

Providing both Autofocus (AF) + Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), the SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuator from Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd (CML) is designed to bring premium camera performance to mid to mid- and high-range handsets. SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS has been designed as an integrated closed-loop camera that is more efficient in terms of its size, component count, material use and production cost, compared to traditional Voice Coil Motor (VCM) technology.

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Product Video: SMA Sensor Shift OIS

The SMA Sensor Shift OIS actuator moves the image sensor in the X and Y directions as well as compensating for roll, effectively countering handshake motion in your handset. By also stabilising rotational motion, SMA Sensor Shift OIS enables exceptional 5-axis motion compensation for a whole new level of image and video clarity!

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Product Video: SMA Variable Aperture

Transform your smartphone photography with SMA Variable Aperture, providing DSLR-like control of depth of field and light intake. EMI-free and significantly lighter than traditional actuators, the SMA Variable Aperture enhances mobile photography, combining energy efficiency, precision, and creative freedom in one innovative package.

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SMA Bite: How Does SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS Work?

René Kist introduces the integration of autofocus (AF) and optical image stabilisation (OIS) into a single, innovative SMA actuator design. Discover how our unique SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuator system, paired with the powerful CM824 controller IC, offers cost-effective, flagship-level camera performance.

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SMA Bite: SMA Actuator Components

Dive into the mechanical design of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators in this video featuring Robin Eddington, the Head of Product Design at CML. Here we look at the mechanical components that make up an SMA actuator, from the static components that form the foundation, to the dynamic parts driving movement in devices like smartphones. Learn about the use of SMA wires, replacing traditional components like coils and magnets, to create smaller, simpler, and more efficient actuators.

SMA Bite: CML Actuator Types

Explore the different types of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators designed by Cambridge Mechatronics for smartphone cameras. Join Steve Bunting to see how these actuators are enhancing not just smartphone cameras, but various other industries with high force, compact size, low mass, non-EMI and precise motion control technology.

SMA Bite: What is SMA Wire?

Join Bronwen Derry for a journey into the world of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA). Discover the properties of Nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy used in modern actuator systems. Learn about the shape memory effect and how Nitinol's crystal structure transforms with temperature changes, enabling it to return to its original shape when heated. CML leverages SMA's unique attributes for applications requiring a high force-to-mass ratio and compact design.

SMA Bite: What are SMA Actuators?

Alexander Doust introduces how CML uses SMA to engineer and design compact actuators, and the different use cases for these actuators. Discover how SMA's unique properties enable innovative applications in smartphone cameras, AR/VR headsets, haptic feedback devices, and in medical drug delivery systems. Explore how CML leverages the high force-to-mass ratio, compact design, and electromagnetic interference-free nature of SMA to create efficient and precise actuator systems.

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