19 Jan 2024

Cambridge Mechatronics receives Excellent Partner Award from Zhonglan Electronics (ZET) at the 2024 Core Supplier Conference

Cambridge Mechatronics is delighted to be presented with the ‘Excellent Partner” award from Zhonglan Electronics (ZET) during a three-day seminar located at the Panjin Headquarters, Liaoning, China

Valerio Polenta, Edwin Shiu and Wendell Lin with the “Excellent Partner” Award

ZET hosted its annual supplier conference from 15-17th January 2024 with key themes on “Product development, industrial synergy and common prosperity”. ZET invited its core suppliers and their regional representatives to the event, including CML and SAES Getters. The focus of the event was product development and technology direction for 2024, with contributing speeches from ZET’s Chairman, CTO, R&D Director and Finance Director. During the conference dinner, special musical performances were arranged for the guests.

The award was presented to CML by ZET’s CTO, Mr Wu, with Valerio Polenta, Edwin Shiu and Wendell Lin accepting the award on behalf of Cambridge Mechatronics with a speech. CML was one of only 4 companies that was presented with an award.

ZET Award 2024-2

Wendell Lin and Valerio Polenta accepting the award

"CML is proud to be recognised by Zhonglan Electronics as an Excellent Partner. After a successful 2023 with industry-leading volume of SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuators shipped, we are looking forward to continued shared synergy and prosperity."

– Edwin Shiu, Strategic Planning Director and General Manager, Greater China

This award further demonstrates CML’s commitment to the ongoing product development of our SMA Lens Shift AF+OIS actuator, in partnership with ZET, and our continued growth as the world leader in Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology.

About CML: Cambridge Mechatronics Limited (CML) is a world-leading developer of mechanical, optical, electrical, silicon and software designs for system-level solutions using its Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) platform technology. Actuator solutions using SMA wire (thinner than human hair) can be controlled to the accuracy of the wavelength of light. These actuators are particularly suited to applications that require high levels of precision and force, in a compact and lightweight design.

If you'd like to learn more about CML or SMA actuator technology, please get in touch.