15 May 2024

Cambridge Mechatronics expands innovation with new R&D centre in Copenhagen, Denmark

Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd (CML), the world leader in Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator technology, announces the opening of its new R&D centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The expansion is designed to further advance the performance, robustness, and scalability of CML’s pioneering SMA control algorithms.

The new R&D centre is dedicated to further enhancing the company’s leadership in control algorithms, with the aim of developing innovative and new differentiating product control features and their optimised implementation.

The Copenhagen office is strategically located to take advantage of Denmark's rich engineering history, particularly in the areas of smartphone algorithm development, firmware (FW) implementation, and optimisation. By leveraging Copenhagen’s exceptional engineering talent, CML aims to accelerate the development of advanced control algorithms for SMA actuators to better support both the smartphone camera and new product actuator markets. Currently, CML’s enhanced SMA solutions are significantly enhancing autofocus and optical image stabilisation capabilities in compact cameras - setting new standards in camera functionality and user experience.

The team in Copenhagen will add significant expertise and experience to drive forward CML’s core competence of control algorithms, which complements CML’s capability to design and produce the world’s leading semiconductor driver IC solutions for SMA systems. The innovation and development will leverage advanced machine learning and data-driven approaches to developing the next generation of control algorithms and customer support tools.

Dr. Ben Brown (CTO) at Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd. says:

Ben Brown

"Our decision to expand our operations into Copenhagen reflects our strategic direction to grow our investment in SMA control and driver IC's. The new R&D office brings us closer to some of the world's best talents in algorithm development and firmware implementation and together with our existing and next generation actuator designs will meet the growing demand for robust and accurate high-force actuation in the smartphone camera market and beyond."

Niels Mørch (Director of SMA Control Algorithms and Managing Director of CML Denmark) adds:


"I am looking forward to enabling the development of next-generation control algorithms, complementing CML’s strong portfolio of actuator and driver IC technology, to help strengthen our position as the world-leading supplier of SMA actuator solutions and products, both existing and new. We are actively hiring top engineering talents in Denmark to join the team, and together we will shape, design, and productise jointly optimised system solutions for superior performance, robustness, and scalability.”

Cambridge Mechatronics’ expansion into Denmark is expected to set new benchmarks in Shape Memory Alloy control and reinforce the company’s position as the market-leader in the industry.

About Cambridge Mechatronics

Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd is a technology company specialising in the development of Shape Memory Alloy micro-actuators designed for compact solutions across various industries including consumer electronics, and healthcare.

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