19 Mar 2019

Industry Prepares for Next Generation Camera Resolutions

Samsung 108MP Image Sensor

As reported last month by CML, MWC demonstrated a variety of camera specification upgrades for 2019, including the migration to higher specification image sensors. With a collection of smartphones sporting 48MPixel cameras already unveiled, the move to even higher resolutions may be on the horizon.

Megapixel specification upgrades appear likely to progress as imaging capability continues to be used as a prominent marketing tool by smartphone vendors. Recent reports suggest Qualcomm are ‘future-proofing’ their range of chipsets in light of this.

Qualcomm's Senior Director of Product Management, Judd Heape, recently revealed in an interview that he anticipates 64MPixel and 100MPixel smartphone cameras to emerge later this year.

A higher pixel count is known to require larger image sensors. As image sensors increase in size, so too must accompanying optics which become both larger and heavier. Conventional electromagnetic camera actuators struggle to move these optics. In contrast, CML’s SMA actuators exert a much higher force and move optics ten times heavier than traditional technologies. CML’s SMA technology is therefore well placed to meet the future needs of advanced imaging components.