25 Mar 2024

Honor Magic6 Pro Awarded top score in DxOMark Smartphone rankings

Following the release of HONOR’s Magic6 Pro premium flagship smartphone in February, industry leading camera reviewer DxOMark have now published their evaluation of the camera performance, awarding a new top score of 158 points. The main camera uses an integrated Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) AF + OIS actuator design from Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd (CML).

Released in February 2024, the HONOR Magic6 Pro has been ranked 1st in the DxO Global Ranking and 1st in the Ultra-Premium Ranking leagues respectively, achieving an overall camera score of 158.

The HONOR Magic 6 Pro camera system features a 50MP front camera, a 50 MP ultra-wide angle lens, TOF depth-sensing camera and a 180MP periscope camera. The main camera contains a 1/1.3” 50MP OmniVision OVH9000 image sensor with a variable aperture which can adjusted between f/1.4 and f/4. Autofocus (AF) and Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) of the main camera is provided by a single, integrated SMA actuator. During the handset launch event, HONOR highlighted the faster shutter speeds with fast and precise focus. The high force-to-mass ratio of SMA technology enables the additional mass of the variable aperture module without impacting AF and OIS performance.

In its assessment, DxOMark lists the main pros of the main camera as:

  • Excellent image quality for all kinds photography, particularly taken indoors
  • Excellent for taking portraits of family and friends, with a fast and accurate focus
  • Overall smooth experience when taking videos outdoors in bright light
  • Excellent rendering for HDR videos in low light

The sub-score for the “Photo” category, which evaluates the main camera performances for capturing still images in various lighting environments, is a top scoring 160 points. The “Bokeh” sub-score looks at main camera performance of portrait pictures with an out-of-focus blur background also top score with 85 points. The natural bokeh is in part enabled by the depth control from the variable aperture, which in turn is enabled by the high force-to-mass ratio provided by the SMA actuator system.

Magic6 Pro - DXOMarkImage source: DXOMark

3 of the top 4 handsets in the DxOMark rankings are enabled by SMA actuators, placing Cambridge Mechatronics at the heart of technology innovation, enabling best smartphone camera performance. CML’s actuator designs are shipping in high volume in multiple premium smartphones. For more details about Cambridge Mechatronics and SMA technology, please GET IN TOUCH.

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About CML: Cambridge Mechatronics Limited (CML) is a world-leading developer of mechanical, optical, electrical, silicon and software designs for system-level solutions using its Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) platform technology. ACTUATOR SOLUTIONS using SMA wire (thinner than human hair) can be controlled to the accuracy of the wavelength of light. These actuators are particularly suited to applications that require high levels of precision and force, in a compact and lightweight design.