9 Jun 2023

Cambridge Mechatronics announces SMA Module Tilt OIS, enabling a step change in smartphone cinematography

Designed for superior quality smartphone videography, the SMA Module Tilt OIS actuator from Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd (CML) offers high tilt angle compensation for increasingly dynamic use cases whilst retaining industry topping stills photography and video performance.

Cinematic video quality is increasingly marketed with the latest smartphone cameras. CML have developed a Module Tilt OIS actuator system using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology, where 8 SMA wires are configured to hold a camera module in position. The SMA wires contract and expand upon heating and cooling to tilt and rotate the camera module as required. Fast and precise control of the actuator and camera is delivered by CML's CM824’s controller IC and firmware.

CML’s product design extends video mode capabilities with an increasing array of use cases, such as walking, running and cycling, as well as low-light and long exposure handheld photography. For traditional Lens Shift and Sensor Shift OIS, image quality visibly degrades above ±1.5deg shake compensation. For Module Tilt, a uniform shake correction can be achieved for higher shake amplitude, currently up to ±3deg, as the lens and image sensor are always in fixed positions with respect to each other to generate ultimate OIS performance.

Platform benefits of using SMA over traditional VCM technology are higher force actuation, compact footprint, no need for Hall (position) sensors and free from electromagnetic flux. The large angle mechanical OIS also eliminates the need for complex EIS integration.

The video below demonstrates the product capabilities:

CML’s 1/1.56” Module Tilt OIS prototype actuator and camera module data packs, videos and evaluation kits are now available for performance testing and demonstrations. The product design is based on CML’s existing 8-wire AF+OIS actuator currently available in a variety of consumer products, including the Huawei Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro flagship smartphones, demonstrating feasibility for scaled-up production.

SMA Module Tilt OIS offers a technology solution to disruptively extend smartphone camera use cases for consumers offering best in class image quality without in-frame blur for superior cinematography over existing solutions.

SMA Module Tilt

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