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Pioneering technology. Widespread application.

CML's licensees have shipped millions of SMA-based camera actuators into smartphones, wearables and drones. Cameras are one of the key features within electronic devices. Vendors compete to offer superior imaging technology, increasing both the quantity and quality of cameras. Smartphones exemplify such market trends, with the total number of individual camera modules expected to exceed 6.3 billion in 2023.

In addition, CML has developed technology to serve customers in haptics (touch), facial recognition and augmented reality applications. Haptic technology is set to nearly triple in value to $27.6 billion by 2022, with 80% of market growth being driven by smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Novel SMA-based haptics actuators enable new applications from gaming to revolutionary new casework designs. Facial recognition is penetrating the high-end consumer electronics market as an added security measure and approaching ubiquity, with AR expected to become a $60 billion industry by 2023.

Beyond these markets which have immediate need of SMA technology, there is potential for future applications in gaming, computer accessories, TV and other household appliances. CML technology is applicable wherever a small, lightweight, precise and powerful motor brings benefit.

CML Technology and Patents

Patented SMA Platform Technology

With its multidisciplinary engineering skillset, and design and simulation tools, CML’s team has mastered the control of SMA for precision applications.

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