8 Nov 2018

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

Yesterday Samsung unveiled more details of their highly anticipated foldable smartphone in San Francisco at the Samsung Developer Conference.

Samsung Unveiling Galaxy Fold

It features a folding screen, the Infinity Flex Display, as the South Korean company moves closer to launching a device in this format.

With dimmed lights, Justin Denison, SVP of mobile product marketing, briefly showcased the foldable smartphone. Likely to fuel anticipation from early adopters, this device is not the finished article and the development process has been extremely complicated. However, Samsung advise it will be ready to mass produce the device ‘in the coming months’.

The announcement leaves ambiguity surrounding the final device look, however, first impressions indicate it will be thicker than smartphones currently on the market. We expect users will demand folding smartphones to adopt increasingly slimmer designs in future models with the eventual aim to produce a folded device no thicker than competing non-foldable smartphones. Due to the format of this device, the unfolded device should be half the thickness of smartphones currently on the market to ensure the folded version remains dimensionally viable. This will require thinner cameras to prevent camera-shaped protrusions, which in turn favours technology miniaturising the camera module. One of the many benefits of utilising CML’s SMA technology includes the ability to reduce camera dimensions, particularly thickness, allowing slimmer folding handsets without unsightly camera bulges.