14 Sep 2018

CML to Give Keynote Speech at TDK Developers Conference

TDK and its entire family of group companies will hold its TDK Developers Conference in Santa Clara on 17 and 18 September.

Asian Technology Convention

The event theme is ‘Humanizing the Digital Experience’ and illustrates TDK’s vision of helping industry create the solutions which allow end-users to have the best experience possible. Attendees include TDK’s customers, partners and developers across a spectrum of market segments, including smartphones, automotive, IoT, drones, appliances, industrial products and wearables.

Day one involves keynote speeches from senior executives of TDK group companies, Qualcomm, IHS Markit and CML’s Director of Marketing, Dominic Webber.

We will be presenting the latest news on our SMA platform technology, products and applications including smartphone camera actuators, haptics, 3D sensing and medical devices.

Day two is a broader networking opportunity for developers, OEMs, analysts, venture capitalists, and public media. Included are five streams of targeted talks in multiple parallel sessions. We are looking forward to attending the conference and sharing views and experiences with leading members of the technology ecosystem shaping our industry.