28 August 2013

Cambridge Mechatronics OIS actuators now sampling to customers

CML and its new manufacturing partner have now completed the investment and set-up of production facilities to begin sampling their new smart metal Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) actuators.

By adding the actuator to an AutoFocus (AF) module assembly, integrators can provide a combined AF+OIS camera using standard production facilities with no increase to the z-height (thickness) of the final camera.

The CML part provides the smallest high performance OIS solution currently available - at only 9.3mm footprint and 1.1mm thickness. CML's lead module integrator customers have already assembled cameras using 1/3" format 13Mpixel image sensors with a thickness approaching just 5mm. These cameras are now undergoing performance and reliability evaluation at Tier1 smartphone manufacturers.

CML and its manufacturing partner are committed to volume production ramp through 2013, with full Mass Production capacity in December this year.

CML will announce the name of its new manufacturing partner shortly.

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