Cambridge Mechatronics Limited (CML) is a design and engineering company operating at the very heart of Cambridge, UK. Our team has core skills in mechanical, electronic, control and software engineering, physics and material science.

This combination of abilities has been used to develop products for use in the mobile phone and consumer audio markets. Most recently, CML has brought to market a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator that adds optical image stabilisation (OIS) functionality to smartphone cameras. OIS is the latest trend in mobile imaging.

CML protects its designs and inventions and has a built a portfolio of over 100 granted patents. We have developed a number of strong partnerships to commercialise our technology and these have led to product launches by globally recognised companies such as Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Seiko, Panasonic and Foxconn.


InFocus launches smartphones using CML's smart metal OIS camera technology


CML starts shipping OIS actuators to Foxconn production orders


CML partners with Hutchinson Technology for OIS actuator production


Yamaha acquires CML's audio IP portfolio


Princeton University and CML partner and develop 3D audio technology


Panasonic starts shipping handsets with CML's smart metal AutoFocus cameras


Seiko Instruments starts mass production of AutoFocus actuators using CML’s smart metal camera technology


Mitsubishi adds digital sound projectors to all of its flat screen TVs in US market


Loewe licenses CML's technology and releases digital sound projectors for their flat screen TV range


Yamaha becomes CML's second licensee and launches the high-end YSP-1 sound projector.

Yamaha expands their digital sound projector product range to include the YSP-800 and enter the mainstream consumer audio market


Pioneer launches the world's first digital sound projector using CML's technology